Monday, August 30th


  1. Nice to have you back, Martin! Like you I have tried with Nyro over the years but I’ve never managed to make it very far.

    As always, best



  2. Thanks, Garth, you’re too kind!

  3. I just read your latest issue. Excellent, as always. By the way, have you heard of Hank Dogs? They made two albums, both of which I love. Very dreamy, literate songs. They broke up a long time ago. They deserved big success, but it didn’t come their way.

  4. Martin
    Great to have you back – I saw Laura Nyro at RFH with Jackson Browne opening in (I think) ’72 and that made a deep impression. I was listening to a copy of Planet Waves the other day to make sure it was saleable and it is today (!) my favourite Bob album. it is so tantalising for you to say you “found” that amazing version of Going Going… it is an astonishing performance – thanks

  5. That’s a double bill, right there… I’m sad that I don’t get LN, but such is life. I love the slightly slapdash quality of Planet Waves, and it has a song that’s in my top Bob ten — “Never Say Goodbye” — for that melody, those evocative words and for Rick Danko’s bass.

  6. For some unknown reason, Bob Leftsetz’s letter letter reminded me of seeing Captain Beefheart at Birmingham Town Hall in 1973. Tickets went on sale at the box office while I was at school so I persuaded my long-suffering mum to go along and queue with every long-haired hippie in the city to buy tickets, priced £1, for me and my friends. When she got to the ticket office she confidently announced that she wanted four tickets for Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons. Luckily, they guessed what she was after.

    • Brilliant! That’s up there with the John Peel story about circumventing the strict Musician’s Union rules by getting work permits for CB and the Magic Band as if they were actual magicians…

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