Welcome back, friends…


  1. Hey Martin,

    here’s wishing you a merry festive season and I hope we meet up in 2022!

    This is one of your rare posts that holds zero connection for me – not seen Bond or Strictly, would never listen to live SD or The Eagles… not to say I didn’t enjoy reading you on such, just often you slip in a zinger for me. Not this time! Having said this I’m probably tempting you rom now on you to focus on Iron Maiden and Martin Amis and Neil Young and other shit I can’t stand!!!

    As always, best

    GC ps I did see Dune. A black hole, indeed…


  2. My apologies, Garth! I realise that, too, just easing my way back in — trying to be a more timely poster next year.

  3. Welcome back!
    I’ve spent more time than is sensible trying to make sense of that ‘analysis of the vocabularies of “pop music’s wordiest stars’. When the ‘top 50 legends’ include Paul Rodgers (good singer and all that, but…) and places him higher than His Bobness, you have to wonder what the heck it is they’re measuring(?).
    I also watched the Eagles on TV. Very mixed feelings: a bunch of great songs, top musicians, but Henley is such a git and their performance crosses the line from polished to slick. You’re right about Steuart Smith. But how many guitarists does one band need? By the way, I still regard Joe Walsh as a newcomer (or Johnny Come Lately even).

  4. Millie Simpson says:

    Great portrait!. We’re glad 5 things is back.

    Have a lovely Christmas.

    M xxx Millie Simpson Elysian Acoustics

    Mobile: +44 7976 661 378



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