Tuesday, April 27th


  1. Martin – that was a great read, really made my day. Many thanks.




  2. Fascinating reads from both of your esteemed chums.Thanks.

  3. Thank you Martin — fascinating reminiscence. I forwarded it to Ed Sanders.

    This was posted on the Holy Modal Rounders/Michael Hurley e-list by Paul Kerr. (Thanks Paul!)

    • Hi Michael! Long time… always look forward to reading your pieces in Mojo. Hope all is well, and thanks for forwarding Annie’s piece…

      • Michael Simmons says:

        Thanks Martin! I love your blog and have bookmarked it for frequent visits. Sanders dug the excerpt — apparently Ann had sent him a copy of her book.

        I’ve decided to play music out again, once the plague lifts. No delusions of stardom at my age — I just wanna play. You playing at all?

        Best twitches, Michael


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