Semi-Normal Service Resumed


  1. Hi, not sure if you captioned this…

    But yes…. definitely Elton Dean. And good to see a pic of Mongesi Feza, a wonderful trumpet player who is seldom remembered these days. The trombonist is quite possibly Nick Evans who worked with Elton in his bands and with Keith Tippett’s Sextet (which was also sometimes known as The Elton Dean Sextet and I think pre-dates Ninesense).

    Howard Johnson RIP was not just a Tuba player. He also played Baritone Sax and was in the Horn section on The Band’s wonderful live New Year’s Eve gig, captured and released on ‘Rock of Ages’ (on which he plays both instruments). A man of many embouchures.

    Kind regards

    Paul Kelly

    Paul Kelly

    Events and festival manager, Chair, fundraiser, writer, author, musician, sailor and humourless old bugger

    07825 313838

  2. Hello Martin – Welcome back, I’ve missed your posts.

    I hae meant to mention that I publish an interview with Ken [Colyer] in Coda Magazine some years ago.

    bill smith []

  3. Sorry about the spelling mistakes This is the first time I have figured out how to post a comment and got carried away. Bill Smith

  4. Nice to see normal service resumed and thanks for the mention re Courtney Marie Andrews. I’m off now to listen to Taj Mahal’s The Real Thing in homage to Mr.Johnson.

  5. Hi Martin

    Sorry to read about the death of Jesus (William Jellett). We remember seeing him dancing at various open-air gigs in the late sixties and early seventies — including Plumpton, Hyde Park, etc. We also bumped into him a few times while wandering around West London. He was a sweet soul. Never did ask him about his nickname however, and now it’s too late. And so it goes…


  6. Welcoming back regular service!x

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