Saturday, July 25th


  1. Thanks for the shout out Martin – which reminds me I must post #3 in the series. Was similarly nonplussed by Homegrown. Not sure I am brave enough to watch Sir Cliff, but will ask my mum to and report back.

  2. Simon Hartley says:

    Ever one to accept a challenge, I did watch Cliff’s video all the way to the end. It doesn’t change much, all taking place in the Corridor of Wardrobes. At one point he teases us that he’s actually going to disappear into the wardrobe, but then he emerges again with a cheeky smile. I am naturally envious of so much wardrobe real estate, though I’m not sure why the perforated doors—you’d think it would be an open invitation to moths. And he does seem to be singing it live rather than miming, so hat’s off to him for the state of his pipes at going on 80. A tribute to clean living.

  3. Two tales of endurance or lack thereof:
    I made it to the end of Cliff’s video, jaw to the floor, and I claim my gold medal. Blimey. To be honest, I was mostly interested to see if the poor old sod would stay upright, as he looked a bit unsteady on his pins. If you baled out before 2’30” you missed the bit of business he does with one of his closet doors that goes wrong. (insert Cliff/closet gag here)
    We’ve given up on Mrs America. Wanted to like it; expected to like it, in fact – it’s got Cate Blanchett, after all. But it’s just so boring and I don’t care about any of the characters. The soundtrack is good but it isn’t reason enough to persevere with it. Next!

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