Extra! 5 Things about Ne-yo & Malibu Red: The Musician/Commerce Interface

Headline for Shortlist Magazine Malibu Red Advertorial: “It’s a little bit more exclusive.” Apart from the fact that something is exclusive or it isn’t, the very word in the same sentence as the sickly coconut liqueur Malibu is a little, shall we say, rum.

Don’t You Just Love Creative Collaborations?
“When Ne-Yo was appointed the creative director of Malibu Red [I know, who knew you could be?], he took the role seriously. Incredibly seriously, in fact. The Grammy-award-winning singer wasn’t just involved with the design of the bottle of Malibu Red [It’s brilliant. It looks like a bottle]—the new tequila-infused drink from Malibu—[Hold on a moment. Let’s process this. Ne-Yo. Rum. Coconut. Tequila. Yum!]… he also helped create the unique fusion, wrote an exclusive* track and shot a music video. Not only was his involvement hands-on [I know, again. It makes it sound like Ne-Yo is doing this from the bottom of his heart (so generous!) rather than being paid nightclubs-full-of-cash]… he’s the embodiment of Malibu Red [whatever that is].
*There’s that word again.

Ne-Yo, Tell Us About Your Video.
“The concept of the video is taking the smooth of Malibu rum and the fire of silver tequila. It’s the smooth mixing with the fire. In the video, I turn the smooth and the fire into a person… Ne-Yo! Ne-Yo! Enough Smooth ’n’ Fire, already!

Let’s See That Video!
It’s… hopelessly, hopelessly dull. Ne-Yo is the “Smooth,” a Latina everywoman the “Fire.” It takes place in a disco. It’s every bit as bad as that sounds. The song? Like a Forever 21 version of Nelly.


Malibu Red is available in supermarkets nationwide now [that’s a little bit more exclusive… no?]

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