Five Things: Wednesday 8th January

Steve McQueen, Live for Myself. Answer to Nobody Exhibition, Top floor of the Berwick Street Car Park, Soho
Strange but brilliant exhibition space, although a little too big for this mixed cars ’n’ chassis show. Barry Feinstein was such a great chronicler of a certain strain of 60s and 70s celebrity, and the McQueen’s are no exception. From Dave Brolan’s introduction to the book of these pics, Unseen McQueen: “During his long career, Barry photographed presidents, rock musicians and movie stars. He was always looking for some way to make an interesting picture: for him it was always about the picture, not the subject. When the Beatles played their last ever concert at San Francisco’s Candlestick Park in 1966, Barry was there with a movie camera: he needed footage of screaming fans for his movie You Are What You Eat*. He did not film the Beatles because he “didn’t need them.” Bob Neuwirth, Dylan’s confidante and tour manager, told me that of all the people on the 60s scene, Barry was really the cool one that everyone was drawn to and wanted to hang out with, an observation I’ve heard from people who knew Barry through the years..… Lord Buckley dubbed him ‘His Triple Hip-Ness’.”


I sent my photo of one of the shots to Bob Gumpert, as he’d shown us some of the film’s locations in San Francisco. “Know the North Beach corner well although Vanessi’s, a famous landmark eatery, has been gone for years. There was a Basque eatery just up the hill seen at the left, now also gone.”

* A film notable for using The Band to back Tiny Tim on “Be My Baby” and “Memphis, Tennessee” for its soundtrack, around the time of the Basement Tapes. I think someone (Pauline Kael, maybe) called You Are What You Eat “the sort of film about youth that Spiro Agnew might make.”

Shortlist Article, What does it Mean to be a Man?
Lewis Dean, 26, West Sussex answered the question, What’s the best bit of advice you’ve ever been given about being a man?
“When I was young my dad turned to me – and it’s crystallised in my mind, what he said – “You’ve got to search for the hero inside yourself.” It really has stuck with me. I thought, “My God, dad, that’s so powerful.” I later realised it was an M People song, so every time I look for inspiration now I have to channel Heather Small and Shovel.”

Ghostpoet (Obaro Ejimiwe), Sixty Second Questionnaire, Making Music Magazine
Have you got a favourite sound? “I really like the reverb in tunnels. It really inspires me. I live in Dalston and in Shoreditch there’s a tunnel leading from Shoreditch High Street to Liverpool Street. There’s sometimes a saxophone player in there. It sounds great.”

US Esquire, What I’ve Learned
Gregg Allman: “People always lean toward who’s the best guitar player, who’s the best singer? I don’t see it that way. They’re all the best, you know? They’ve all gotten your attention, you’ve admired them, you’ve tried to sing like them. That makes them the best, each and every one of ’em.”
Dickey Betts: “I only play slide when I have to. I like to play acoustic slide. I like that. I just… I can do it, you know. But it ain’t my cup of tea. I think it was probably standing next to Duane all these years. I mean, he was so damn good at it. Duane used to say, “I’m not playin’ guitar when I play slide. I’m playin’ harmonica. I’m thinkin’ like a harmonica player.”

Kevin Cummins sent this great photo of Eusebio round Twitter. The United in no way refers to the red side of Manchester…


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