Tuesday, February 23rd


  1. Steve Hurrell says:

    As always I was delighted to find your latest message in my Mail Inbox today. Great anecdotes, observations and more music to listen to via the excellent Internet FM Archive. I seem to remember hearing some of these concerts via ‘Wolfgang’s Vault’, an earlier online iteration of classic concert recordings. Hope to hear from you again soon, Martin.

    • Yes, I’d noticed that, Steve. WV still goes on, but I think the FM archive probably gets around the WV copyright as these were all broadcast free-to-air originally… And I’m working on a more regular delivery!

  2. Another great post, Martin. I particularly loved the James Jamerson baseline visualisation, which highlighted how brilliant he was at discreetly adding variety into his playing. While you are on a FM radio listening jag, if you haven’t already heard them check out the Joni Mitchell Hissing of Summer Lawns demos on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TwyABuaTnyQ&list=PLZVCiDcSBlcgecpf6lgjyndbIJ6Pusnuj

    • I remember listening to the demos a while ago, but will check them out again. Have you heard the Springsteen/Obama Podcast yet? There’s a bit where they both sing Joni’s “Help Me” — Obama better than Bruce!

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