Saturday, May 30th. Part One

Read this for more from Richard on the astonishing career of Buddy Featherstonhaugh,
possibly the only man to have had careers as a jazz saxophonist
(he toured with Louis Armstrong) and Grand Prix racer simultaneously.
Peter Guralnick on Little Richard here.
Read Emily Nussbaum’s fascinating profile of Fiona Apple in The New Yorker.
Here’s Carrie Battan’s review of “Fetch the Bolt Cutters”.
More on Armstrong’s collages at The Louis Armstrong House here.


  1. Aside from all nice here, that piece re Little Richard and Fats is quite wonderful. Music does abide even as dementia robs memory.

  2. I’m ambivalent about the use of music as commentary in TV drama. Too often it seems to be something used in the absence of an adequate script – ‘listen, in case you hadn’t realised, this is what you’re supposed to be feeling at this point’. And too often they choose an appalling cover of a song that you thought you loved and thus reduce the drama to the level of a John Lewis advert. But when the end credits roll with a terrific choice of song that precisely matches the emotions you’ve been brought to feel by the script and the acting, and has you reaching for your iPhone to find out who it is – that’s real added value.
    (Nice new look, by the way. Reminds me of a book I once read).

  3. I’m with you, Kevin. There are about ten programmes that I could write about where I hated the way music was cheaply used to signpost emotion but I didn’t, cause life’s too short! Thanks for noticing the new look!

  4. John Cuneo says:

    Gosh , I love this Martin.

    That NY’er profile was extraordinary. It actually made me wonder wether Fiona A was okay. And it lowered my expectations for the album- which I guess I needn’t have worried about. The Little Richard bit reminded me that when I came to bed last night, my wife Jan was long asleep and, as usual, whatever pod cast/ interview thing she was listening to was still on. I have to wake her to turn it off, but before I did, I heard some snippet from a Marc Maron WTF interview. I don’t who the guy was , but he was describing a visit or party at Little Richards place where at some point Richard disappears and comes back with a book full of vagina photos.

    Speaking of Maron- did you see Sword of Trust ( co written and directed by his recently deceased girlfriend, Lynn Shelton) ? The soundtrack is all Marin noodling around on electric guitar playing blues licks ..wondered what you thought.

    Anyhow, so enjoyed this latest column. Always a highlight when it shows up!

    john c

  5. Patrick Humphries says:

    I agree about Richard’s feature, I told him there was entire book in it. Good to see you up & running Martin…

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