Monday, December 24th

A Christmas Song for all the readers of Five Things…

The book of Five Things is available from Amazon here.

Front Cover

“He writes with the insight of someone who has inhabited the world of the professional musician but also with the infectious enthusiasm of someone who is a fan like anyone of us. It’s entertaining and inspiring in equal measure.” – from an Amazon review by Zuma

“What a treat! And it has the years before I discovered your blog…” – Dan Franklin, Publisher

“A terrific book, stuffed to the gills with snippets of news items and observations all with a musical theme, pulled together by the watchful eye of Martin Colyer… lovingly compiled, rammed with colour photos and interesting stories. Colyer has a good ear for a tune, an eye for the out-of-ordinary and he can write a bit too.” – Steve Carr,

“I’ve been dipping with huge enjoyment since it arrived” – James Walton, writer and presenter of Radio 4’s books quiz, The Write Stuff, and the R4 pop quiz All the Way from Memphis.


  1. Wishing you the best for Xmas and 2019 from damp Auckland!

    Family, friends and good crate digging out here.

    See you in the new year.



  2. Best wishes from Santiago!!

  3. And best wishes to you, Mon!

  4. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Martin.
    With so much to listen to and see out there I always look forward to finding out what you’ve come across. Thanks

  5. Happy Holidays, Martin, and a splendid new year (?? Brexit!? TrumP?!…oh well) Santa gave me your book for Christmas. Cool designs. What is this Midnight Clear ditty?

  6. Hi Mick, all best to you and Margaret, too. I always try to do an Xmas song…

  7. Thanks, Martin..! Enjoyed the Christmas Song.. All the very best to you and yours for the coming year and I look forward to more entertainment, enlightenment, humour and feel good writings from you. It’s a highlight when your emails arrive. Carry on as you were..!

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