FTIS&HTW: Wednesday 27th February

Psychic City by Yacht
I can’t even remember what this song was used for this week, tracking an advert, or a programme segment, or something. All I knew was that it hit all those Blondie/Ze Records/Waitresses buttons. Great—almost dumb, possibly smart—pop.
“I used to live in a voodoo city,
Where every little thing had its own secret life.
I might be washing up the dishes
And the kitchen might say,
“Hang around baby baby, hang around baby baby,
Hang around baby we’ll be baking a cake for you…”

And for when you have a few minutes to spare…
says Steve Caplin, and directs me to http://www.facebook.com/AwkwardBandAndMusicianPhotos. The first two are my favourites from a quick browse. The third? In the week that Heino releases a new album and it shoots to the top of the German charts here’s one he made earlier. As The Guardian reports:  “The album contains cover versions of punk, hip-hop and hard-rock hits—to the disgust of many of the bands who originally performed them [this in reference to Heino’s alleged far-right views].” Heinous, no?
But Made Parole, Will Travel! may just be the finest album title ever…


Johnny Marr, Shortlist interview
Can you remember the moment you fell in love with the guitar?
“Yeah, I was four or five and there was a little wooden toy hanging in the window of a shop that sold mops and buckets and brooms around the corner from my house in Ardwick. Whenever we walked past it I’d be doing that thing that you see dogs on a lead do, where they just dig into the pavement and don’t move. My mother got so sick of it that she bought it for me. I painted it white and stuck on beer bottle tops to make it look like an electric guitar, and I carried that thing around everywhere. I couldn’t believe it when I discovered there were shops that sold real ones…


On the left: Natty Bo. Marcel’s Nephew Jack. Not in that order
Note to self: definitely catch the next Yiddish Twist Orchestra gig.

“And the sun don’t shine anymore/And the rains fall down on my door ”
From Rolling Stone via Dave Ashmore: “The Band’s Garth Hudson saw some of his belongings sold off this weekend by his landlord in a Kingston, New York, garage sale after failing to pay rent on his loft space for about seven years. The multi-instrumentalist, most-known for his organ and keyboard playing, kept the space for storage. He stored everything from personal possessions and household items to handwritten sheet music, and among the goodies are uncashed checks, including one issued from EMI in 1979 for $26,000. Hudson’s Facebook page had a note to fans encouraging them to attend the garage sale and purchase items to allow Hudson to buy them back. “We were told everything there was sold,” read the note. “We were not seeking funds, but were asking purchasers to allow us to reimburse them for what they bought as we were not on premises ourselves.” The owner of the space has already made an agreement with an online auction company to sell off the music-related items on April 1st. As for the fans, they’re already on it: one woman bought Hudson’s household items and personal belongings for a few thousand dollars with the apparent intention to return them to him.”

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