Thoughts on music as experienced through tv, in papers, on the web. If you work in the music business you get sent music and you’re kept abreast of everything… but most people don’t, and they experience music in a wide variety of ways. Music referenced in passing, or seeping into everyday life. That’s what I’m interested in.

Plays primitive music on ramshackle guitars. Likes Sam Amidon and Ray Stevens. Designs. Fair cook. On occasion, writes a song, usually with Mark Pringle.

Co-founder of Rock’s Back Pages, co-founder of a group called Hot!House. Blogs on music in the everyday world, weekly, at Five Things Seen And Heard This Week. Blogs occasionally on illustration and photography at Adventures in Commissioning. Various musical projects at both southwesternrecorders.com and martincolyer.com.

Inspiration Information: Greil Marcus, Ed Ward, Paul Williams, Joan Didion, Richard Williams, Anthony Lane, Laura Barton, Peter Guralnick, Marina O’Loughlin, Alex Ross, Marina Hyde and Barney Hoskyns.

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